Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The day I met the king of Sweden

Photo: Markus Marcetic, Royal Swedish Academy of Science

What does it feel like to - as a young researcher, unsure of yourself and your ability to make it in your chosen field - get validation in the most bombastic way possible?

Pretty neat, let me tell you.

I didn't quite realize what I signed up for when I applied to the Crafoord stipend. I merely wanted to test out my idea and maybe get some sequencing money. I didn't realize I would be invited to the Royal Swedish Academy of Science for dinner, or that I would shake hands with the king, or that I would meet Tomoko Ohta!!!!!

The proud receivers of the Crafoord stipend

Photo: Markus Marcetic, Royal Swedish Academy of Science

I'm very happy for the honor, but more importantly for the validation. I have been told as clear as can be that, yes, my ideas are worth listening to.

Dark Microbial Matter

Crafoord prize winner Tomoko Ohta - Progress of the near-neutrality concept in evolution

My favorite Crafoord lecturer Lindell Bromham - From mutation to macroevolution: Connecting genetic variation to the generation of biodiversity

All Crafoord seminar holders

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