Saturday, June 28, 2014

American Society for Microbiology General Meeting 2014

ASM always reminds me of a microbial cell. Huge and complex and full of incomprehensible activity. An endless array of posters and talks and stressed scientist running to get to just that one session in time. But somehow it all works and you leave with new ideas.

This time I was in luck since the meeting was in Boston. Not being jet lagged or trying to sleep in an overcrowded hostel made wonders for my spirits. I presented my Single Cell poster the second day and had the rest of the meeting free to interact with a convention center full of microbiologists.

The Archaea session was very good with personal heroes like Christa Schleper and Sonja Albers. It is a rare opportunity to hear all available archaeal model systems presented in one session.

Opening speaker Ove Hoegh-Guldberg reminded us of the importance of our work with a status report of coral reefs in a warming ocean. Seen in his TedTalk:

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